[:ru]On May 31 Employees of the group took part in the XVII all-Russian school-seminar “Physics and application of microwaves” (“Waves-2019»)[:en]On May 31 The team members took part in the XVII All-Russian Workshop on “Physics and Application of Microwaves” (“Waves-2019»)[:]

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[:en]The team members took part in the 17th All-Russian Workshop on Physics and Application of Microwaves, named after A.P. Sukhorukova (“Waves-2019”), which was held from 26 to 31 May 2019 in Krasnovidovo (Mozhaisk, rest house of Moscow State University). Artem Arzhanov, Anna Eskova, Polina Troitskaya and Kamil Karimullin participated in the conference.

Artem Arzhanov gave an oral presentation on the topic “Study of the parameters of electron-phonon interaction in solid-state nanocomposites with semiconductor colloidal Sds / CdS / ZnS quantum dots” (A.I. Arzhanov, K. R. Karimullin, A. V. Naumov)

Anna Eskova gave a poster talk “Study of the influence of the concentration of quantum dots in a colloidal solution on its spectral-luminescent properties” (AE Eskova, PS Troitskaya, AI Arzhanov, KA Magaryan, K.R. Karimullin, A.V. Naumov).

The link to the conference web-site