On December 14, 2020, an online defense of research and design works developed under the leadership of our team was held

On December 14, 2020, an online defense of research projects was held (http://profil.mos.ru/events/event/65453 ). This event was held within the framework of a grant from the Department of Education and the City of Moscow aimed at the development of the project “Academic Class in a Moscow school”.

Within the framework of this event, schoolchild who were on distance learning completed projects under the guidance of ISAN employees. A total of 20 students from 5 schools in Moscow took part. These are the lyceum of the city of Troitsk, the GAOU of Moscow “School No. 1518″, the School No. 1530″ Lomonosov School”, the Gymnasium named after N. V. Pushkov and the GBOU School No. 1788. The project managers were A.V. Naumov, Ph. D., Karimullin, Ph. D., Magarian, Ph. D., Lozing, N. A., engineer, Golovanova, A.V., programmer, and graduate students Tarasevich, A. O., and Smirnova, E. A.