A special issue of the international journal “Optics and Spectroscopy” was published, dedicated to the anniversary of Professor Marina Nikolaevna Popova.

The issue presents two papers of our group on the topic of spectromicroscopy of quantum emitters: Karimullin K.R., Arzhanov A.I., Surovtsev N.V., Naumov A.V. “Electron-phonon interaction in composites with colloidal quantum dots: investigation by methods of luminescent spectroscopy and raman scattering of light”; Smirnova E.A., Lozing N.A., Gladush M.G., Naumov A.V. “Absorption spectra of test signal and resonance fluorescence for emitters in their interaction with the local environment in transparent media”.

The journal “Optics and Spectroscopy” was founded in 1956.

The journal publishes original and review articles from various fields of modern optics and spectroscopy in the range from radio waves to X-rays. The journal covers the problems of theoretical and experimental spectroscopy of atoms, molecules and condensed media, physics and technology of lasers, interaction of laser radiation with matter, nanooptics, optics of femtosecond and ultrashort optical pulses, nonlinear and quantum optics, physical and geometric optics, holography and physical principles of optical devices, fiber optics, photonics and optoinformation technologies, mathematical modeling of optical phenomena.

The journal is peer-reviewed. The translated version of the journal, “Optics and Spectroscopy”, is included in the Web of Science, Scopus and other databases.

The frequency of publication is one issue per month.

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