The article was published in the scientific and methodological journal “Physics at School”.

Authors of the article: Redchina D.I., Golovanova A.V., Naumov A.V.

Title of the article: Honorary Professor of Moscow State University, Nobel Prize laureate V.E. Merner took part in the festival “SCIENCE 0+”

Abstract: At present, it is very important to understand the role of science and involve society in scientific life through the popularization of scientific knowledge, which allows people to make choices in personal and professional spheres of life based on the knowledge they have gained. This article presents an overview of the lecture by Nobel Laureate William Merner, who delivered a lecture on the topic at the All-Russian Science Festival “SCIENCE 0+”: “What one molecule is capable of” to draw attention to modern scientific progress and popularization of scientific knowledge.

School Physics Journal. 2022. No. 2. pp. 13-16