TSD LPI Scientific seminar 04.04.2023

Speaker: N.P. Kovalets (MPSU, LPI) Topic: “Mechanical and electrophysical properties of polymer/metal composites and nanocomposites obtained by matrix synthesis based on track membranes”
Abstract: The leading role of metal and polymer materials has led to the active use of their combination in composites. One of the methods for the controlled creation of a polymer-metal composite is matrix synthesis based on track membranes (TM) with electrochemical filling of TM pores with various metals. The calibration of TM pores in size, the ability to change their surface density and diameter in a fairly wide range, different orientation of pores, different metals – all these factors made composites metal/TM is not only promising in many areas of modern technology, but also excellent model materials. On the basis of TM, substrates are synthesized to register the effect of surface-enhanced raman scattering (SERS), substrates for the deposition of material analyzed in a mass spectrometer, arrays of ferromagnetic nanowires – homogeneous, layered and made of metal alloys. This work is devoted to the study of the strength and fracture characteristics of TM/metal composites obtained by matrix synthesis, including those with an additionally sprayed metal film, as well as some electrical and optical properties of the objects under study and their possible technical applications.