Our team took part in the Congress of Young Scientists

In the period from December 8 to 10, 2021, a Congress of Young scientists was held at the site of the Science and Art Park of the Federal Territory “Sirius”. It became the key event of the Year of Science and Technology – 2021, announced at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The business program of the Congress included more than 90 discussions, sessions, round tables and plenary sessions. The experts summed up the results of the Year of Science and Technology and discussed the development of various areas of research activities. Our team members contributed to the work of the three sessions of the Congress.

The open dialogue “Why does every year become the Year of Chemistry?” was attended by Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Troitsk Separate Department of  the LPI RAS, Head of the Department of the Institute of Spectroscopy RAS Andrey Naumov. He devoted his speech to the growing role of interdisciplinary research in recent years, in particular, the integration of physics and chemistry.

Andrey Naumov also acted as a moderator at the section “Development of human capital in knowledge-intensive territories”, dedicated to discussing the prospects and resource provision of various formats of human capital development in territories with high scientific and technological potential.

Historically, it is the Moscow State Pedagogical University that is the cradle of higher education for women in Russia. Once the Moscow Higher Women’s Courses, or the second Moscow State University, opened their doors to thousands of future women teachers and scientists, which left its unique imprint on the unity of the scientific and pedagogical traditions of Russia.

Among the students were future scientists with a worldwide reputation: the first woman to receive the degree of Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences – Vera Varsanofieva; the first Russian woman physicist to become world-famous in the scientific community was Alexandra Glagoleva-Arkadieva (in 1916, she invented the roentgenostereometer) and many others.

The discussion “Women in science: trends and prospects” was attended by the Master of MIPT, junior researcher of the LPI Kozhina Elizaveta.

During the three days of the Congress, about 3,100 participants and media members from 77 regions visited the site. In total, the site was visited by representatives of more than 280 higher educational institutions of Russia and more than 125 divisions of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Official website of the Congress of Young Scientists: https://молодыеученые.годнауки.рф/

Link to the stream: https://молодыеученые.годнауки.рф/business-programs/

Why does every new year become the Year of Chemistry?

Development of human capital in knowledge-intensive territories

Women in Science: Trends and Prospects