Workshop LPI RAS, Branch in Troitsk 02.04.24.

Speaker: Vladimir L. Velichansky
Topic: Double-frequency intradoppler spectroscopy of alkali metal atoms
Abstract: In communication and navigation systems, there is a growing demand for compact frequency standards. In some countries, this challenge is addressed by using microwave standards based on the coherent population trapping (CPT) effect, the long-term stability of which is difficult to improve. Recently, two research directions have emerged aimed at creating compact optical frequency standards. While optical options may not be as compact as microwave ones, they may surpass them in metrological characteristics. One direction is based on the long-researched two-photon resonance in rubidium atoms, while the other is based on the relatively recently developed method of two-photon intradoppler spectroscopy in cesium and rubidium atoms. The presentation will focus on the second direction, providing a review of a few published works on the topic, presenting original experimental results from our lab, and attempting to explain the physics behind them.