General Meeting of Professors of the RAS

On April 17, 2024, a general meeting of professors of the Russian Academy of Sciences was held. The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Krasnikov presented to a number of participants memorable certificates for a significant contribution to solving the problems facing the Russian Academy of Sciences, and in connection with the 300th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Full member of RAS, head of theLPI RAS, branch in Troitsk Naumov Andrey was also thanked.

At the general meeting Andrey Naumov gave an overview report on the activities of professors in the field of popularization of science, as well as on scientific and educational projects, including those carried out by our scientific group (under the auspices of MPSU, LPI RAS, with the participation of employees of MSU, HSE, ISAN.

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