Workshop LPI RAS, Branch in Troitsk 14.05.24.

Speaker: Alexader S. Shelkovnikov
Topic: Electron-beam lithography: history, current state, and development prospects in Russia
Abstract: The report is devoted to a brief review of the history of the application of electron ray lithography in modern science and technology over the past half century. There are briefly considered various of electron-beam generators (EBG) that currently used – with variable stamp and an electronic beam in the Gauss form. Also presented their limits. We will present the brief overview of various types of EBG in Russia. The problem of creation of the first modern Russian EBG solved at the current time in the LPI RAS, branch in Troitsk. We will talk about the stages of the work done, the status of the work carried out and the near future. Various fields of application of EBG in modern science and technology will be described: from creation of separate elements of component base, development of processors for both general and special purposes, use of EBG in photonics, holography, X-ray optics, quantum computer design, etc.

Secretary of the workshop: Yuryshev N.N.
Workshop principal: Velichansky V.L.