October 27, 2017


02.07.2018 – 07.07.2018 Alexey Gorshelev took part in the 16th International Conference on Luminescence and Laser Physics (LLF-2018) (Republic of Buryatia, Russia). >>>

02.07.2018 – 08.07.2018 Karimullin Kamil and Arzhanov Artem took an active part in organizing and holding the 13th International Scientific School “Science and Innovations – 2018” (Republic of Mari El).

25.06.2018 Congratulations on the successful defense of Budin Victor, who performed a bachelor’s degree thesis at the Department of Theoretical Physics named E.V. Shpol’skii.

20.06.2018 The scientific session of the Physical Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences was held in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Spectroscopy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Naumov A.V. made a report on “Fluorescent nanoscopy of single molecules and quantum dots”


08.06.2018 Article published: A. O. Savostianov, I. Yu. Eremchev, A. A. Gorshelev, A.V. Naumov, A. S. Starukhin, “Wide-Range Spectral Diffusion in Single Mg-Tetraazaporphyrin Molecules in a Polymer Matrix at Cryogenic Temperatures”, April 2018, JETP Letters 107(7):406-411, DOI: 10.1134/S002136401807007X  >>>

28.05.-1.06.2018 Naumov A.V. took part in the Russian conference and the school of young scientists on topical problems of Raman spectroscopy “Raman scattering – 90 years of research” (Novosibirsk, Russia)   >>>

27.05.-1.06.2018 Arzhanov Artem and Magaryan Konstantin took part in the XVI All-Russian school-seminar “Wave phenomena in inhomogeneous media” named after A.P. Sukhorukov (“Waves-2018”) (Mozhaisk)   >>>

24.05.2018 A.V. Naumov took part in a scientific seminar on modern aspects of visualization and diagnostics of single molecules by means of luminescence at the Institute of Physics of the Kazan Federal University (Kazan, Russia)

21.05.2018 A.V. Naumov took part in a low-dimensional seminar at the Physico-Technical Institute named A.F. Ioffe of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia)

24.04-26.04.2018 Participation in the IV Russian-German-French Laser Symposium.  The number of attendees included 10 invited participants from each country: Russia, French, and German (Kazan)   >>>

12.04.2018 The first seminar of the joint Department of Condensed matter spectroscopy, Institute of spectroscopy RAS
Speaker: Dmitry Sergeevich Dovzhenko (post-graduate student, engineer-researcher of NRNU MEPhI)
Topic: Photophysical properties of hybrid systems based on semiconductor quantum dots and photonic crystals from porous silicon (report on the materials of the Ph.D. thesis, ISAN is the leading organization).

25.03.2018 Two events took place in the Institute of Physics (MSPU): “The Physical Living Room” and the lecture on the theme “New Materials and Instruments for Optics and Photonics” by Andrey Naumov, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences   >>>

04.03.2018 Laboratory of Electronic Spectra of Molecules and the Department of Theoretical Physics named E.V. Shpolsky, friends, colleagues and students sincerely congratulate the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor Igor Sergeyevich Osadko with the 80th anniversary!

22.02.2018 Tatiana Anikushin successfully defended her PhD thesis.

09.02.2018 Eremchev Ivan Yurievich was awarded the diploma of the head of administration of Troitsk and Troitsk scientific center of RAS for special achievements and personal contribution to the development of scientific potential of Troitsk city district. Andrey V. Naumov was awarded the honorary title ” Man of the year “by the science city Troitsk 2017 in the nomination” City and society “for the organization of the first Trinity school of advanced training of physics teachers:”Actual problems of physics and astronomy: integration of science and education”.

22.01.2018 Seminar of the Department of theoretical physics. There was a report on the materials of PhD thesis.

25.12.2017 and 26.12.2017 We celebrated New Year 

26.11.2017 Andrey V. Naumov gave a lecture in the framework of the project ‘University Saturdays’

20.11-23.11.2017 Participation at the XV international conference on quantum optics and quantum information ICQOQI-XV (Minsk, Belarus) >>>

17.11.2017 Arzhanov Artem took 3rd place in the XV all-Russian youth of the Samara competition-conference of scientific works on optics and laser physics.

14.11.-18.11.2017 Participation in the XV all-Russian youth of the Samara competition-conference of scientific works on optics and laser physics (Samara)    >>>

9.11.-13.11.2017 Participation in the XI International conference: modern nanotechnologies and nanophotonics for science and industry (Suzdal)   >>>

30.10.-03.11.2017 Participation and organization of Troitsk school of professional development of physics teachers «Actual problems of physics and astronomy» (Troitsk)   >>>

30.10.2017 Prof. A.V.Naumov has participated in General meeting of the Professors of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Board Meeting of the Physical Branch of RAS   >>>

24.10.2017 The ceremony of awarding certificates to winners of competition on competition of grants of the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young Russian scientists – candidates and doctors of Sciences in the Central Federal district was held in the Central house of scientists.  Kamil Karimullin and Ivan Eremchev received grants in physics and astronomy.

19.10.2017 Arzhanov Artem – winner of competition of scientific works of young scientists at the international youth scientific school CООS-2017

17.10.-19.10.2017 Participation in the XXI International youth scientific school  “Coherent optics and optical spectroscopy” CООS-2017 (Kazan)   >>>

21.09.2017 Arzhanov Artem – winner of competition of scientific works of young scientists at the international Symposium PECS-2017

16.09-21.09.2017 Participation and organization of XI International symposium on photon echo and coherent spectroscopy PECS-2017 (Svetlogorsk)   >>>

10th – 22nd September, 2017 Our team has participated in organization and scientific-educational program of the 7th German – Russian Travelling Seminar “Nanomaterials and scattering methods (Ekaterinburg – Kazan – Dubna – Moscow)   >>>

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