Workshop LPI RAS, Branch in Troitsk 19.12.23.

Speaker: Nikolai N. Kuzmin
Topic: The growth and spectroscopy of the characteristics of rare-earth gallium and chromium borates with a huntite structure
Abstract: The dissertation is dedicated to the study of the growth characteristics and spectroscopic properties of rare-earth chromium and gallium borates with huntite structure. Investigations of the regularities of phase formation in the systems Ln2O3 – Cr2O3 – B2O3 (Ln = Sm, Gd – Lu), LnCr3(BO3)4 – K2Mo3O10 (Ln = Sm, Gd), and LnCr3(BO3)4 – K2Mo3O10 – B2O3 (Ln = Tb – Ho). Stark level diagrams of rare-earth ions in borates LnCr3(BO3)4 (Ln = Sm, Tb, Dy) were constructed. Discussing of the nature of phase transitions observed in these compounds. Rare-earth chromium borates are promising compounds for spintronics devices, magnetoelectric sensors, and memory elements. The work has shown that LnGa3(BO3)4 compounds can be used as luminophores when Ln = Sm, Tb, Dy, and as media for infrared lasers emitting at wavelengths of 1.065, 2.0 and 1.6 μm when Ln = Nd, Ho, Er.