“Person of the Year – 2023” award in Troitsk

On February 9th, the 15th anniversary award ceremony of the Troitsk “Person of the Year – 2023” took place at the Art School named after Mihail I. Glinka in Troitsk. Traditionally, honorary awards were presented to employees of Troitsk scientific institutes, educational institutions, culture and sports, high-tech companies, innovative enterprises and utilities. Everyone who achieved success in their field but also made a significant contribution to the development of the urban community.

Among the participants of the ceremony were our colleagues – scientists of the LPI RAS, branch in Troitsk and the Institute of Spectroscopy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISAN). The Honorary prize of the Troitsk for outstanding achievements and personal contribution to the development of the scientific potential of the Troitsk was awarded to Ivan Y. Eremchev – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher of the Laboratory of Electronic Spectra of Molecules of the Department of Spectroscopy of Condensed Media ISAN, researcher of the Laboratory of Quantum Radiators of the Department of Advanced Photonics and Sensors LPI RAS, branch in Troitsk.

In addition, in the competition for the annual award for the development of the Troitsk, scientists of the laboratory of frequencies standarts, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Leading Researcher Vladimir L. Velichansky – in the “Science” category, and Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (who successfully defended her dissertation in 2023), Researcher Maria I. Vaskovskaya – in the “Young Scientist” category. The jury of the competition, in addition to the outstanding scientific achievements and publications of our colleagues in high-ranking scientific journals, also noted their contribution to educational and scientific and educational activities.

The “Person of the Year – 2023” prize in the “Innovation and Business” category was awarded to Vladimir A. Usikov – General Director of NOVIKOM, a partner of LPI RAS, branch on Troitsk, for the creation of a high-tech production of unique equipment on the territory of the Troitsk