The team published an article in the journal “Applied Science”

The team published an article in the journal “Applied Science”.
Output of the article: Alina V. Golovanova, Mariia A. Domnina,Artem I. Arzhanov, Kamil R. Karimullin, Ivan Yu. Eremchev and Andrey V. Naumov. AFM Characterization of Track-Etched Membranes: Pores Parameters Distribution and Disorder Factor // Appl. Sci. 2022. 12(3). 1334. DOI:

The structural characteristics of polymer track-etched membranes (TM) were obtained by atomic force microscopy (AFM) for a set of samples (polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyethylene terephthalate, with average pore diameters ~183, 375, and 1430 nm, respectively). The analysis of AFM experimental data was performed by using a specially developed technique for computer analysis of AFM images. The method allows one to obtain such parameters of TM as distribution of pore diameters, distribution of the minimum distances between the nearest pores, pore surface density, as well as to identify defective pores. Spatial inhomogeneities in the distribution of pore parameters were revealed. No anisotropy (some specific selected direction) was found in the surface distribution of the pores in the samples under study.16:35