TSD LPI Scientific Seminar, 18.04.2023

Speaker: Butaev Marat Rajabali oglu (LEADING Researcher at LPI, Laboratory of Electron Beam Pumped Lasers; National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”)

Topic: “Epitaxy of low-dimensional heterostructures of A2B6 compounds and the creation of semiconductor disk lasers based on them”

Abstract: The article is devoted to the actual problem of creating a semiconductor disk laser emitting in the blue-green spectral region (~480-550 nm) at the fundamental frequency. To solve this problem, new CDs/ZnSe/Znse heterostructures were synthesized from A2B6 broadband compounds having type 2 band gaps, and the optical gain achieved on these structures was theoretically investigated. A technology for growing CDs/ZnSe/ZnSSe heterostructures on GaAs substrates by gas-phase epitaxy from organoelement compounds and a technology for manufacturing active elements of semiconductor lasers with longitudinal pumping has been developed, the resulting heterostructures have been studied. Semiconductor lasers with optical pumping emitting in the blue-green region of the spectrum have been created and studied.