Opening of the new season of the All-Russian essay championship “In Your Own Words”

The opening of the new season of the All-Russian essay championship “In Your Own Words” has emerged as a significant event for school students interested in both literature and science as a whole. This annual competition, organized by the Higher School of Economics (HSE University) in collaboration with partner universities and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), aims to engage students in scientific creativity and enhance their literary skills. Notably, VK Education will serve as a co-organizer of the championship alongside leading universities in Russia.

It is worth emphasizing that the Russian Academy of Sciences places great importance on involving schoolchildren in the world of science from the early stages of their education. Popularizing science and preparing highly qualified professionals are among the primary objectives of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Gennady Krasnikov, as well as other members and professors of the Academy, pay special attention to working with school students, including within the framework of a joint project with the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation known as the “Base Schools of the Russian Academy of Sciences.”

The essay championship “In Your Own Words” attracts participants not only from the humanities but also from other scientific disciplines. It fosters motivation among school students, aids them in choosing their professional path, and develops their skills in clear and precise expression of thoughts.

The ability to write articles, technical documents, instructions, textbooks, and educational materials holds particular significance for a scientific career. The development of these qualities is encapsulated in the project of the All-Russian essay championship “In Your Own Words.”

The opening ceremony of this event was graced by the presence of the rector of HSE, Yaroslav Kuzminov, as well as Michael Pavlovets and Daniel Fedorov.

The interdisciplinary nature of the project and its connection with academic science and pedagogy are further accentuated by the selection of a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor, Grand PhD in Physics and Mathematics, and head of the Department of Theoretical Physics named after Edward V. Shpolsky at Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPGU), Andrew Naumov, as the chairman of the organizing committee.

In his welcoming address, Andrei Naumov conveyed words of support for the project from academic scientific schools and expressed the Russian Academy of Sciences’ interest in addressing the challenge of motivating and guiding school students towards scientific careers.