Workshop LPI RAS, Branch in Troitsk 05.09.23

Speaker: Nikita Y. Dmitriev

Secretary of the seminar: Nikolai N. Yuryshev

Topic: Radio-photon microwave generators based on optical frequency combs in silicon nitride microresonators

Presentation on materials from a doctoral dissertation; affiliated with LPI RAS.

Abstract: The methods for achieving high-quality factors exceeding 108 in dielectric microresonators with “whispering gallery” modes and the possibility of laser stabilization using the pulling effect have been known for over 30 years. However, a detailed analysis of nonlinear dynamics, supported by experimental results, has revealed several nontrivial effects, including the generation of optical frequency combs in the regime of nonlinear pulling and multi-frequency pulling. The rapid advancement of photonic integrated technologies has presented several promising platforms for implementing these techniques in ring resonators. Among them, integrated structures with Si3N4 resonators have emerged as a special focus, offering possibilities for mass production of a wide range of unique devices.

This dissertation comprehensively examines the process of generating optical soliton frequency combs in nonlinear optical microresonators when pumped by a laser diode in pulling mode. It proposes original methods for experimental research on integrated microresonators and provides a review of modern techniques for cross-platform integration of photon and radio-photon devices. The primary practical outcome of this research is the development of a prototype low-phase-noise microwave source using self-heterodyning of single and heterodyning of double frequency soliton combs.

Nikita Y. Dmitriev with a talk at the workshop